The Pleasure Point Accelerator

Amplify Your Mission, Step into Your Power Gracefully, and Embody the Sexy Side of Making Money!

You are a limitless innovator….You’re also a woman with needs, desires and passions.

Healing. Balance. Energy. Focus. Strength.

Multi-passionate women seeking high achievements and goals while wearing many different hats, often feel like there is a huge void that needs to be fulfilled.  And when you’re making decisions based on what your bank account looks like and not based on what your heart desires, it catapults into an even bigger sense of emptiness.

Whether you’ve done money mindset work before or not, you NEED to have more control over your patterns and your approach in business. 

And this means you need to remove underlying traumas and unhealed scenarios so that you can tap into elevated money flow, diminish burnout and overwhelm, feel worthy again, and explore the most fulfilling ways you can achieve your goals

Less pressure, more pleasure

 I’m Cheryl J. Moses, an Intuitive Personal Branding Specialist, Manifestation Siren, & Growth Strategist – who is on a mission to help you change your beliefs, rewrite your story and create new habits that support all that you were born to receive in your life and business.

I help entrepreneurs strategize and simplify their businesses. If you want dope results, you need high level marketing & an elevated sales process to get it. You also need a regulated nervous system.

I work with you on an intuitive and energetic approach in your marketing strategy to captivate the unique UNMASKED and UNAPOLOGETIC version of yourself.

I teach you how to give yourself permission to trust and lean into every part of who you are so that you emotionally trigger your audience on a consistent basis w/o harboring feelings of shame, regret, or uncertainty.

I’m heavy on the ALIGNMENT, AUTHENTICITY, DISCERNMENT, and CLARITY you need to ditch fear and thrive! But keep in mind, you don’t have to be in unbending alignment about everything to keep making sales!

You need a healthy balance of masculine AND feminine energy sprinkled with strategy to get what you want out of your business!

So, how does this help you?

You catalyze connections, cultivate clients, and create opportunities on demand!

3,044 students in 8 years

For years I was crazy enough to think that I could create a consistent income using my online marketing and branding expertise and now I teach experts just like you how to discover your soul language and become marketing mavericks with your voice, without all the filter and fluff.

You work hard, but what if you could play hard instead?

Nothing is far-fetched when you have a desire to live on your own terms. The people you admire – they are no different than you. They just raised their standards from a place of fear, to self-love.

You see, it’s not about how much you do each day. It’s about your thoughts and emotions behind the scenes of what you are doing. 

Let me explain…

For a long time, I craved a better life – freedom, spa days, time-of-my-life experiences. But I thought it was hard and would complain about the work that it took to get these things, manifested. This caused my life force energy to leak, and my resistance was at an all time high. I created a barrier that I had to break through to unblock my pathway to abundance. 

 This is how you create self-imposed limitations. The good news is, you can redirect your power, focus, and energy to change your limiting beliefs into empowering ones that support your goals. 

You might be looking lovely at 5 figure months right now (maybe more or maybe less), but there’s a sexier side of the equation that you must level up on to scale to a million dollar brand!

These mindset secrets are everything you need for transformation in your professional and personal life. Once you remove the old patterns of thinking that are blocking your abundance, you’ll be able to generate more revenue than you can imagine and walk through life feeling completely confident, magical, and empowered.

What if you could…..:

○Live a life doing what you choose to do, without approval or validation from anyone else

○Create limitless wealth and have a ridiculously healthy relationship with money

○Honor your value and own your brilliance with kickass confidence

○Feel sexy in your own skin – while fulfilling your needs and desires

○Allow yourself to receive the flow of abundance that you deserve

○Live your purpose, your message and make an impact in the world

○Connect to your soul compass – breaking free from self-sabotage, imposter syndrome and bullshit money beliefs that prohibits you from making worthy money

You desire more, but you are resisting it. When you take ownership of your power, AND ALLOW yourself to receive, you will  experience another level of success with less pressure and more pleasure.

Breaking patterns that keep you paralyzed in fear will enable you to embody the highest version of yourself, so that you experience real-world success and life fulfillment. 

This is what I can help you with. 

Most programs will focus on helping you with life coaching for your personal growth or business coaching to build your business. And after you’re done, you’re off searching for the next phase of help.

This program is designed to give you comprehensive training and personalized mentorship to support your journey to making more money and breaking through your personal upper limits so that you create radical shifts and unrecognizable success! 

Here is a breakdown of our core business evolution framework….

You’ll master the energetics behind a successful brand, with an amplified voice and identity that makes you stand out and positions you as the best servant for those you show up for whether you sign them as a client or not.

You’ll learn a new way to collect data so that serving the current need of your target market is a game changer and the ONLY choice that will get them results. Couple that with a strategic plan to share your offers boldly with content that supports your mission and vision.

You’ll need to be stronger and more courageous in your decision making, problem solving, and action taking to have launches that don’t make you cringe or feel like you never want to launch again.  My unique methodology will help you step into the leader you are called to be.

Your story will make you more money and create more paid opportunities for you than anything else you can think of. Your truth, your experiences, your journey coupled with the unique parts of your personality you keep hidden is the disruption the marketplace needs. This is how you’ll sell without selling.

You’ll tap into your energy as the most unmasked, unapologetic version of yourself to call in your aligned clients. Your voice and your truth is what you need to cut through the noise, land with soulmate clients, and create launches that sell out.

Your business is not like everyone else’s. Your sales process should be customized and tailored to accommodate your customer’s journey with you from the point of first interaction and throughout the buying cycle. This happens with simple funnel monetization. This also happens with a visibility plan that supports your offering.

This bonus module is for you to create a bullet-proof system for predictable income without non-stop hustle. All of your backend processes and BTS work will be created with ease so that you have structure and organization. It also includes the tools you need for your launches, automation, and daily activities as a business owner. 

You also get mindset & energetic integration….

Ecstatic Lifestyle: Manifestation & Embodiment

Most people think that if you BODY an ecstatic brand, then you can BODY an ecstatic lifestyle. It’s actually the other way around. You see, the force behind your pleasure – is creating a business that supports your pleasure. 

You simply must understand the flow of your energy – heart energy, sexual energy and spiritual energy to activate your individual point of attraction and pleasure point. 

When you feel good consistently, you create new momentum and you allow “feel good” things to come into your life.

So, experiencing pleasure first, is essential for growing a wildly successful business! And after working with hundreds of women over the years, I’ve had countless women double, triple and even quadruple their incomes when they gave themselves permission to prioritize pleasure.

This is your wake up call.

Your personal invitation to step into who you know you’re meant to be: the leader, woman, daughter, partner, mother, friend.

You know you’re going to get to 7 figures someday. This is for you if you’re serious about getting on track NOW instead of next year or the year after.

You’ve got to be ready to be seen as (and FEEL like) a leader in your niche.

The kind of magical woman who inspires high performance from your equally high-powered clients and gets your prospects begging to work with you – no matter the price.

Manifestation – releases blockage, barriers, and challenges.
Influence – creates change.

We identify your real desires.

Faith + Positive Expectation is the threshold to everything you want.

Desperation repels what you really want.

And if you’re not careful, it can become a battle of Passion vs Scarcity.

Ask yourself: What benefit do I currently have from not having what I desire?

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, I help you focus on what you have that’s right in your life.

The subconscious mind wants to do the easiest thing,- so kill the plan B.

Internal Contradiction is when one desire opposes the other. When this happens, it’s time to find your motivation (work vs. no work) to get what you want. Ex. $50,000 vs Watching TV, do the math.


So here’s what this looks like:

○Igniting and mindfully channeling your energy so that you surrender more completely to bliss, no holding back, no resisting

○Using your sensual power to make more money and manifest your desires

○Reconnecting with your body to deeply connect to yourself 

○Activate the ALLOWING power tool – to shift and upgrade your beliefs 

○Creating habits that will keep your performance elevated to increase your bank account

○Creating an abundance mindset and think how rich women think

○Rewriting your money story and busting through internal money blocks

○Power planning and activation for manifestation

○Getting specific with your desires to receive them wholeheartedly


How this works….

○1:1 biweekly coaching for up to 90-minutes over 6 months time

○Zoom recording and google doc notes with follow-up from each call

○Email and Whatsapp/Slack  communication for the length of our time together


○Deep dive into your quality ideal client, price points for offers & levels of serving them

○Full audit of offers, marketing content, messaging, systems, automation, etc.; for client attraction and sales acceleration

○Support & feedback on IPAs (income producing activities)

○You give 110%

What you can expect….

○Elimination of rules and laws that you’ve consciously and subconsciously created. You create who you want to be with true intention, uncover your capabilities, and cross the finish line every time.

○Guidance and support to create your kickass offers or breathe new life into your current ones. This will include claiming your individuality, ownership of  your value, and leaning into your leadership as a CEO like you never have before.

○We’ll simplify your business model so you have more control over your business instead of it controlling your quality of life. You will build a business that pays you to seek out your pleasures and gives you pleasure too.

Who this is for….

○You’re committed to transformation.

○You’re “all in” when it comes to taking control of your life and having $12k+ months and beyond.

○You’re coachable and ready to step into your leadership as a CEO.

Who this is NOT for….

○You’re not willing to invest the time and money to get to your next level.

○You’re not mentally, spiritually, and emotionally ready to perform at your highest level.

○You think posting in Facebook groups is a marketing strategy.

I used to be confused about branding and self-expression. Cheryl helped me to embrace who I really am and it shows up in my message. I didn’t have this clarity before working with Cheryl. Clients are happy to invest in my program, I’m closing more high end client contracts, and my business just keeps expanding! 

Tam V.

Legal Consultant

I seemed to have lost the fire in my belly and was truly procrastinating with making any moves with my business. I had an AMAZING session with Cheryl Moses. I felt so comfortable talking to her. It felt like we’ve known each other for years. After she asked multiple questions about who I am and what I do, she hit the nail on the head about what she envisioned was perfect for me and it TOTALLY aligned with what I had envisioned. OMG! Just that one coaching session put me back on track and moving forward with Carrie’s Couture Intl LLC. Cheryl, you are beyond FABULOUS!! Blessings to you!

Carrie R.

Image Consultant

I hired Cheryl for help wading through multiple launches in a safe environment with someone who I implicitly trusted.

Hiring dynamic Cheryl as a launchologist to help coordinate & fine tune strategies is the perfect investment for someone with complex trust issues or deep layers. She is a warrior who patiently waits for your ahas or breakthroughs to bubble to the surface. You know you are in the right place with an active & deep listener with critical thinking skills. She asks the perfect questions to keep you tapping into your intuition during & in between each session. She saves you valuable time & gives you a springboard that leads to less angst in a project. When you show up, she listens carefully & offers clean healthy fuel so you can navigate without picking up any toxic debris floating nearby.

Cheryl is the perfect coach to help bridge your spirituality & vision so they align with practical next steps. Crystal clear clarity is now part of my internal compass. Working with Cheryl’s laser focus on clarity is leading to the perfect personal & professional gift of simplicity.

Hearing Cheryl say her discovery call & initial session notes no longer align with the #mentalfitness coach or introvert emerging as a trained ambivert is a stellar gift of working with her this spring.

I am delighted to feel alignment, excitement & inner vision working with an intuitive success coach who is a stellar brand strategist. Just ordered new sneakers because our session sprints are leading to releasing my beta course, writing my first book, planning my first summit with deep breaths in between our sessions. Bless you Cheryl & thank you for sharing your amazing gifts.

Melanie R.

Coach, Trainer, Speaker

I did $18,700 in my program launch.

Now I have a clear path forward and I know exactly how to create a marketing system that catapults my message. I’m on vacation this week – and still delivering my program. It doesn’t even feel like work.

I get to share what I love with clients who will happily invest. 

Carolyn B.

Relationship Coach & Guide

I made over $12,600 in my first week of launching my offer. The results have been astonishing! I ended up doubling that amount and filling my program with aligned clients. I started my first waitlist and I must say, this was a huge breakthrough. I spent the last year being stagnant and not knowing why. Working with Cheryl was a groundbreaking experience, not just because of the success, but because of her heart to see you win! 

Kaitlynn B.

Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Cheryl helped me OWN my sh*t! I wasn’t showing up the way I should have and it affected my business significantly. Hiding is not an option when working with a coach that teaches you the value in using your voice and your truth in an unapologetic way. I just had the time of my life! I closed 2 partnership deals and made over 6-figures working with her. It just keeps getting better!

Tabetha N.

Author, Media Coach



Those who are willing to work for what they want, are the only ones who get results. There’s no complaining and no excuses, period.
I cannot by any means give you a guaranteed result in how much money you will make at any given time. I simply do not know.
All I can do is show you what you need to do to innovate the life you desire to have. I’ve taken all of my knowledge and experiences in the game and put it into this program so that you can start making consistent 5 figure months. But…you have to do the work, for reals.


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