Summit Dates

January 22-26, 2024

Overcome Obstacles, Grow Your Business, and Gain Long-Term Success at 
The POWERHOUSE Entrepreneur Summit!

A summit for better leadership.

Push yourself beyond the self imposed limits and come join us as we dive into more strategies to reach next level success!

We know that, as a woman, it can be hard to find the time for things that matter. But the time is now! If you are looking to take your career and leadership to the next level, then this summit is for you.

The POWERHOUSE Entrepreneur Virtual Summit will teach women how to push past their self-imposed limits and break through boundaries, becoming greater leaders.


You will learn how to…

  • Be an empathetic leader
  • Find clarity in life and get unstuck and journey to where you want to be
  • Take immediate action on the things you want for your life
  • Remove distractions to increase productivity without guilt
  • Work with your subconscious for powerful shifts in income and money
  • Experience financial abundance that few women have ever known by following your desires
  • Activate your abundance using Kundalini
  • Secure your business, bank and brand
  • Crush it in the AI economy
  • Leverage your team’s expertise to boost business growth

Our Featured Speakers

Ber-Henda Williams

Brianna Rose

Erin Newman

Jai Stone

Eva Medilek

Toni Moore, ESQ

Otisa Eads

Kim Otte-Groshek

Kahshanna Evans

Sue Kennedy

Dr. Cheryl Wood

Jennifer Covington

Dr. Sheniqua Johnson

Dr. Linette Montae

Phillip Wride

Pamela Dale

Our experts will share stories and strategies on how they achieved next level success and how it’s possible for all of us. With multiple sessions by different experts during the summit, there will be plenty of opportunities for women from all industries, occupations, and backgrounds to learn from those who’ve been where they want to go.


The time to build a legacy is now!

Make room in your life for this summit – Join us at The POWERHOUSE Entrepreneur Summit!


Your host, Cheryl J. Moses also known as Cheryl Janeen, is an intuitive personal branding coach and growth strategist that helps entrepreneurs simplify their business with high level marketing, premium offers and an elevated sales process to close more clients without hustle. Cheryl has taught over 3k students in her courses and teaches strategies to build a buyer’s list to launch and grow a lucrative business. Cheryl is a master at manifesting and helping women become the masters of their own journey towards wealth and freedom.

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