Master Your Leadership with Confidence, Courage, and Resilience.

Some Topics Our Amazing Experts are Speaking About:

►Master Your Mindset with Confidence
►Breakthrough Your Financial Glass Ceiling
►Overcome Your Fears that are Holding Your Back
►Confidently Speak Up for What You Want
►Own the Value of your Gifts, Products and Services
►Stand Out as a Leader in Your Life and Business
►Leverage Your Time & Income the Right Way
►Owning Your ‘Enoughness’ to Breakthrough Anything

Push yourself beyond the self imposed limits and come join us as we dive into more strategies to reach next level success!

We know that, as a woman, it can be hard to find the time for things that matter. But the time is now! If you are looking to take your career and leadership to the next level, then this summit is for you.

You will learn how to…

  • Know thyself. trust thyself. Create opportunities
  • Find clarity in life and get unstuck and journey to where you want to be
  • Take immediate action on the things you want for your life
  • Move beyond fears and limitations to experience money freedom
  • Transform your money story so you can create wealth
  • Experience financial abundance that few women have ever known by following your desires

The time to build a legacy is now!

Make room in your life for this summit – Join us at the Affluent Woman CEO Virtual Summit!

Your host, Cheryl J. Moses also known as Cheryl Janeen, is an intuitive personal branding specialist and launch strategist that helps entrepreneurs simplify their business with high level marketing, premium offers and an elevated sales process to close more clients without hustle.

Cheryl has taught over 3k students in her courses and teaches strategies to build a buyer’s list to launch and grow a lucrative business.

Cheryl is a master at manifesting and helping women become the masters of their own journey towards wealth and freedom.